Natural Exfoliating Soap with Olive Oil and Olive Pits

Natural Exfoliating Soap with Olive Oil and olive pits
Cellular rejuvenation. Acne and oily skin.
With 60% extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). 100% natural.
Weight: 120g
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Soap for face and body. With olive oil and pits. Leaves skin soft and hydrated. Excellent for acne and oily skin.

Exfoliating soap removes dead skin cells and this makes products such as lotions, body oils or face creams better absorbed by the skin. In addition, the upper layer of skin becomes thinner, so that the substances of these care products penetrate the skin faster and better.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, green clay, olive pits 300-600 microns, essential oil of rosemary, mint and sweet oranges.

Inci: Oleo Europea fruitoil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, green clay, Olea Europaea Seed Powder, Citrus sinensis, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Mentha piperita.

Properties of natural exfoliating soap: cellular rejuvenation, detoxification, purification and elimination of dead skin cells.

This soap smells of nature, freedom and the outdoors.
After the shower your skin will feel freer and cleaner.
It is oriented for all skin types, but very beneficial for people with acne or oily skin.

It is not necessary to use the exfoliating soap daily. Once or twice a week is enough. If you notice that your skin reacts sensitively, once a week is more than enough. If you have oily skin, you can exfoliate it three times a week.

Also available: Exfoliating paste

Use of exfoliating soap:

Exfoliating the skin has many benefits. Impurities like acne don’t like smooth skin. Clean pores are less likely to get clogged and that’s where blackheads look. If you have blemishes on your skin, you can use the soap as a facial scrub to create a more even skin.

Prevent ingrown hairs:
Many women wax their legs, underarms, and bikini area. Would you rather not have bumps and ingrown hairs? Exfoliate the skin in advance. You will see that the result is much smoother.

Against a gray skin:
Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, giving your skin a fresh glow.

Weight120 g
Dimensions6,5 × 6,5 × 3 cm