Natural Solid Shampoo with Rosehip – Normal to Dry Hair


Natural solid shampoo with Rosehip for hair with 40% olive oil
Extra virgin and Rosehip.
Natural soap without silicones, without sulfates and without parabens
Vegan and not tested on animals. 100 g

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Solid natural shampoo based on extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, with rosehip.

Gently cleanses and nourishes hair. Helps restore natural balance.

For all hair types, but especially ideal for dry hair.

Recommendations for use:

Apply the shampoo directly to the hair until it forms a lather.
Massage the scalp for a few seconds.
Rinse and repeat this process again.
Let it dry naturally.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, candelilla wax, coconut sodium, cornflower extract, argan oil, sweet paprika, rosehip essential oil, lavender and ylang ylang.

INCI: Oleo Europea fruitoil, candelilla cera, sodium cocoyl, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Centaurea Cyanus, capsicum annuum, Rosa damascena, Lavandula angustifolia, Cananga odorata.

Cornflower Extract: soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant.

Virgin brocilli seed oil: a substitute for silicone. Gives hair shine and improves combability.

Weight90 g